“Pretty Twisted” (Short Film)

A pretty grifter (KITTY) meets an ex-convict (SLASH) to negotiate the sale of a powdered substance that retards the aging process.  When she attempts to betray him, he slyly turns the tables.  But who is really playing who?

Produced in association with Rebel Girl Films, this short is being developed as a Full Length Feature.  Winner Best Short Film 2009 NY International Independent Film Festival

Private link to short film upon request.

“Last Call Before Sunset” (Feature Film)

Three Vampires walk into a bar...the rest is a bloody mess!!

Currently being distributed by Oakhurst Pictures, this campy indie film combines fright with laughter and in the vane of any good horror film, there is of course a surprise twist at the end.

“Kill The Habit” (Feature Film)

Twenty one-year-old Galia (Lili Mirojnick, Cloverfield) finds herself in a bind after killing her unscrupulous drug dealer Lyle (Joe Lia, FAQs, Shamelove). She calls on her long-suffering best friend Soti (Katerina Moutsatsos, Todd Phillips’s The Hangover) to help her out. The two find themselves stuck in Lyle’s apartment with his fiery Latina wife, Cardamosa (Maria Elena Laas, The Hot Chick), who, as it turns out, hated his guts and is more than happy to help them get rid of the body – as long as they share his cash. The three girls must find a way to cooperate long enough to avoid arrest and dump the body somewhere safe…

“The Marionette” (Short Film)

Mr. Ayres’ artistic “installations” become real as he and his wife are kidnapped by his assistant Ben. The two are strung up as human marionettes and tortured, and that is when things go horribly wrong...

“Deserted” (Feature Film)

A deserting confederate soldier is brutally chased through the woods as he escapes his battalion.  He seeks refuge in what he perceives an old abandoned housed.  But there, faced with a discovery that might jeopardize the escape, he is challenged to regain the humanity and values he carried before being disheartened  by the savagery of war.

“Smity” (Feature Film)

Smitty is a heartwarming family story about how a young boy's life is turned around by the love of a dog. Starring two Academy Award winners (Mira Sorvino and Lou Gossett Jr.) and four-time Academy Award nominee Peter Fonda. SMITTY also offers a great supporting cast, including Jason London, Lolita Davidovitch, Brandon Tyler Russell and Boo Boo Stewart from the new Twilight movie. Award winning director David Mickey Evans ("Radio Flyer," "The Sandlot," and "Beethoven" movies) is creating a new studio family film franchise.

Producing Titles

“From The Islands With Love” (TV Pilot)

Chef Josette’s cooking and travel show is a candid look into the the foods and peoples of Barbados.

“Who’s Lovin’ You“ (Music Video)

This remake of the Michael Jackson’s classic is a love story gone wrong. Producer Rachael Rose Luckey came up with the twist of making the love triangle all with women. Director Jennifer Barlow added the concept of the bikes, because, I’m sorry, but two girls on a Harley is just plain hot.

“Tweeker Short PSA” (PSA Short Film)

The pitfalls of using Meth.

“Space Pirate Odyssey” (Commercial)

A small but amazingly talented crew came together on the fly to create this whimsical and sexy commercial for the Doritos’ Crash The Super Bowl Contest.  Three space alien thugs attempt to abduct a bikini clad bombshell.  Or are they really after her Doritos?

“What Is” (Music Vieo)

Hauntingly seductive, it's the story of a woman returning to the home she grew up in to reunite with the trapped spirit that only she could see as a child. Now that she has passed on herself, she reconnects with him to try and heal his long time curse of loneliness and lost love.

“To Tony Scot With Love” (Commercial)

After being granted an audition on the Tony & Ridley Scott Series, Director Jennifer Barlow had three days to write & direct a commercial, showcasing her skills.  She opted for a comedic spot featuring a friend’s homemade salsa. Only after wrapping production, did she realize that the product she was selling, was supposed to be....her.  Literally.  Not salsa.